Wednesday, November 10

Recoat Bonus Aisle

Wait, what? It's that time of year again? Get outta here! Damn. Once again, as Christmas approaches, it's time for Recoat in Glasgow to launch its brilliant little discount art show. Bonus Aisle is your chance to get hold of some work on the cheap and it opens this week.

I'm really happy to have been asked again to submit work. I've got about 6 drawings in the show, all at a wildly reduced price. The way Recoat work their Christmas shows is by assigning each wall (there are 4) a price (there are 4) and everything on said walls goes for said price. This means for either £25, £50, £75 or £100, you're gonna get something good. I've tried to keep my prices way down so if you're interested in owning something, I've two drawings going for £25, two for £50 and two for £75. Visit the gallery or their online shop once the show opens to get your mitts on them.

Not keen on my work? I don't blame you. Have no fear, there will be original work, prints and other goodies from the names on the flyer (and more). Amy and Ali at Recoat always completely PACK the walls with stuff so you're sure to find something good. It does sell fast though, so don't hesitate or you might miss out on a real bargain.

Bonus Aisle
Recoat's end-of-year special
Show runs: November 13th - December 22nd, 2010
Opening party: Friday, 12th November, 7-10pm all welcome
323 North Woodside Road,
G20 6RY

So aye, come along to the opening party this Friday from 7pm. Say hello, drink some free drink and have a look at some work by artists local and not-so-local. I'll be there for a bit and then I'll go to my bed. Please tweet / blog about this if you can, thanks. See you later.

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